Asbestos Testing

Ensure The Safety Of Property Residents With Asbestos Testing

If you own a property that may have been built with asbestos-containing materials, it is important to identify the location of these materials and their condition. Although asbestos is not harmful if left undisturbed, property renovations and repairs could result in the release of harmful particulates. As a building owner, you also have to account for the way in which these additions might impact property sales and the health of people who live in adjacent units or neighboring buildings.

Different Options In Asbestos Testing

The safest way to perform asbestos testing is to have a licensed professional come to your home to remove a sample of the suspected building material. This will be done in very careful precise fashion so that there is little to no risk of having airborne particulates released. Once this sample has been removed, it will be sent to the lab for testing and identification purposes. Laboratory analysts will be able to definitively determine whether asbestos is present and whether this material is in an acceptable condition. Once asbestos begins to dry out and break down as part of the normal aging process, the risk of having particulates enter the living environment is greatly increased.

Homeowners also have the option of performing asbestos testing on their own. With these self-managed efforts, comprehensive asbestos kits can be hand-delivered or sent by post. Homeowners will then be able to collect their own samples and can remit them to an approved testing facility within the enclosed packaging. Although a bit higher in risk, these efforts can be significantly cheaper than having the entire process handled by professionals.

Asbestos Testing And Management 

In addition to having asbestos testing performed to identify the location and condition of asbestos in their residential or commercial buildings, property owners can also use these services to implement effective asbestos management plans. With these plans, professionals can monitor the state of asbestos materials over the years to ensure that drying, shredding and shedding are not occurring. Each inspection will be carefully documented and written up in a comprehensive asbestos report that can be shared as part of pre-sale disclosures or used when planning home remodeling projects and repairs.