Household Asbestos Kit

Asbestos Testing

asbestos kit

Testing for asbestos using a household asbestos kit is very easy

The presence of asbestos in the home or office place can be extremely hazardous to the health. Now there is are new testing devices that make it extremely easy to test for the presence of asbestos. The sampling kit has everything one needs to conduct the asbestos exam. It's very important that the instructions are followed exactly as laid out in the instruction booklet that comes with the kit. If there are any loose asbestos particles present by the naked eye, these are highly dangerous materials and should be handled by a professional asbestos removal company. The asbestos examination packages comes with disposable, coveralls, mask, and gloves. It also has a black polythene disposable sheet, cleaning wipes. Also included a red asbestos waste bag, one clear plastic bag, sample bags, and a return envelope where the samples need to be sent to.

Before the test begins, one should go over the areas where suspected asbestos is, and move any furniture that is in the testing area. Pets and children should not be on the premises during the testing. The hazmat suit should be put on first, and leave the hood down until the mask is on the face. The gloves should be put on next, and the sleeves over the wrists. The mask is next, and should be fitted very tightly, so that it can not fall off. Men doing the test should be clean shaving. The black sheet should be put underneath the area that is going to be tested. Before the test begins the plastic sample bags should be filled out, with the date and room. A different sample bag should be used for each room or area tested. The area that is going to be tested should sprayed with a light layer of water. Learn more about asbestos testing come visit our site.