What To Do When There's Asbestos In Your Home

Asbestos Testing Process

If asbestos is suspected in a building it needs to be tested right away. The certified asbestos testing company can come to the site and tell a person if this hazardous substance is found.

When having asbestos testing make sure that the company is NATA accredited as well as their lab. The testing facility should use the latest technology to test the sample to determine if asbestos is present. The lab will give a person the result and will give them a definite answer if they have asbestos in their sample. The sample will be tested quickly so that a person can make decisions about removal if needed.

If a person follows proper precautions they may be able to collect their own sample of asbestos. When collecting the sample it is important to use a P2 dust mask that can be disposed of. This way a person does not have to worry about breathing in asbestos if it is indeed present. The material will be wet down so that it is easy to collect without worry about putting dust into the air. The sample is then placed in a lock plastic bag and the sample if brought to the testing center. If a person is not able to personally drop their sample off at the lab they need to contact the lab. Arrangements need to be made to get the sample there. It cannot be put in the mail for risks of contamination. The lab will be able to tell a person if there is asbestos present so they can take the next step in making their property safe once again and making sure the asbestos is properly removed.